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    Can Filmaker Pro handle Automator Scripts ?



      Can Filmaker Pro handle Automator Scripts ?



      I used filemaker 10 years ago (Filemaker Pro 4) and at that time I think there was a possibility to call applescripts from inside filemaker which were referred to a button.


      Is this still possible with the actual version of filemaker or Bento

      I would like to create touch buttons on an iPAD to call automator scripts which control a lighting software on iMac with Mac OS X Lion or Snow Leopard. I know this is a very special use of a database, but I didn't find anything else thats so simple to program as filemaker...software like Touch OSC is not flexible enough and only sends MIDI-Data, which the software I use can't handle...


      Many thanks for your precious advise,


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          If you can write the Applescript, then FM can perform the Perform Applescript script step (from the Help Pages):

          Perform AppleScript (Mac OS)
          Sends AppleScript commands to another application.
          Perform AppleScript [“<applescript text>”]Options
          Click Specify to display the “Perform AppleScript” Options dialog box, where you can set the following options.
           •  Calculated AppleScript lets you create a calculation to use as the AppleScript text.

           •  Native AppleScript lets you manually enter the text of an AppleScript (up to 30000 characters). Indenting of repeat loops and conditional statements is not supported.

          This script step is:
           •  not supported in web publishing

           •  not supported in a FileMaker Server scheduled script

          Originated in
          FileMaker Pro 6.0 or earlier
          You can create a calculation to generate the AppleScript commands to be sent, or you can type the commands directly into the Native AppleScript text area.
          For calculated scripts and scripts stored in FileMaker Pro fields, the AppleScript commands are compiled each time the script is performed. If you type the script into the Native AppleScript text area, then FileMaker Pro compiles the script and detects any scripting or system errors. (The script is recompiled whenever it's edited.)
          Note  Because AppleScript is a Mac OS feature, if you run a script containing a Perform AppleScript script step on a Windows computer, the script step is ignored. (An error code is generated, which can be captured with the Get(LastError) function.)
          Tips on usage
           •  FileMaker Pro can use the Perform AppleScript script step to send Apple events to itself or to FileMaker Pro software running on other machines.

           •  If you are using FileMaker Pro for Mac OS and you performed a complete installation, see the FileMaker Pro Apple Events Reference database at www.filemaker.com for additional information and examples.

           •  Use Perform AppleScript to communicate with applets and other scriptable applications. For example, if you have created an AppleScript applet with sub-routines, you can call the handlers using the Perform AppleScript command, like this:

          Perform AppleScript ["tell application "My Applet" to doMyRoutine()"]
          This example copies text from a field in a FileMaker Pro database and pastes it into a new AppleWorks word processing document.
          Copy [Select; Correspondence::Letter]Perform AppleScript ["Tell Application "AppleWorks 6" activatemake new document paste end tell"]This example sets the primary monitor to its minimum bit depth.
          Perform AppleScript ["tell application "Finder" to set boundsof window "My Files" to {100,100,100,100}”]