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Can Filmaker Pro handle Automator Scripts ?

Question asked by FrankHellebrandt on Jun 29, 2012
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Can Filmaker Pro handle Automator Scripts ?



I used filemaker 10 years ago (Filemaker Pro 4) and at that time I think there was a possibility to call applescripts from inside filemaker which were referred to a button.


Is this still possible with the actual version of filemaker or Bento

I would like to create touch buttons on an iPAD to call automator scripts which control a lighting software on iMac with Mac OS X Lion or Snow Leopard. I know this is a very special use of a database, but I didn't find anything else thats so simple to program as like Touch OSC is not flexible enough and only sends MIDI-Data, which the software I use can't handle...


Many thanks for your precious advise,