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    Can FM do all this?



      Can FM do all this?


      A potential client is asking whether FM can do the following. Is FM the correct software?

      "Can a database be integrated with (a) email (to store emails of enquirers), (b) an online calendar (which sets out multiple therapists' availability and facilitates bookings), and (c) a maps app (to determine availability of therapists with reference to their location)? And could the database information be used to generate invoices (and late payment reminders) and payslips? The doc I wrote seems to need more sophisticated stuff than what the demo vid shows (although admittedly it's only a demo)?"




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          a) is the one problematic detail. The rest is all possible to design into a database via the tools that come with FileMaker. I suspect that there's a plug in out there that can store incoming emails but you'd have to research email plug ins for FileMaker to see for yourself.

          The real question is not what FileMaker can do but what you can do with FileMaker as some of this is not exactly what someone "new to FileMaker" would be able to do within a day of downloading a copy of the software.

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            Thanks Phil. I appreciate what you say, but I'm a fast learner ...and have been learning fast!