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Can FM Pro 11 do this?

Question asked by KevinGubala on Aug 26, 2010
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Can FM Pro 11 do this?


Hello and thanks in advance for any answers.

I am new to Filemaker Pro and this database product was recommended by the Apple Store for use.  I am looking for FM to be able to provide me with an inventory screen with a picture to view on iPod Touches (potentially iPads) using FileMaker Go.  I already have the database portion in development and the FileMaker Go product (on an iPod Touch) working, in other words, I can view the records on the iPod Touch.

What I'm looking for the whole solution to do is to be able to select records, assemble them into an order, and send that order to a printer.  Can FileMaker Pro do all of this and how difficult should it be to accomplish?  FileMaker seems to be a pretty neat package, but before I buy it, I want to know if it will do all of this stuff and not take me years to finish it.  I work in retail and need this solution prior to the holiday season.