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    can FM Pro create this



      can FM Pro create this



      I would like to buy this program but have question about it.

      Can this software create the database like this form..please see attach




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          You can download a free trial copy and see for yourself. Often the real question is not: "Can FileMaker do this?" but "Can I learn to use FileMaker to produce this result?". That depends on your prior skill and experience with databases and similar software as well as your ability to invest time in learning how to use the product.

          To answer your specific question, you can create a layout in FileMaker that looks much like what you have posted. The three panes with scroll bars could be three portals or possibly three fields with scroll bar formats.

          Since we don't know the full function of this system, we can't say much more than that.

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             Thanks for reply back. This is a very good answer so far that I ever have for my post. You are right, of course I have to learn your program first before I should post......

            is there anyway you can go to this website   http://www.berbible.org/visitwebsitefromprogram.php and please see and please give me your best advise before I buy this program to learn how to setup the database for it. Do you you have any class for this program? or how I can learn in depth about this program. Can you please just show me how to create the first column as like as the program ? Thanks

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              There are a number of training and materials offered, even youtube videos. There are also some books published you can search for on a site such as Amazon.com.

              I watched the video. Nothing jumps out as an obvious roadblock. I do suggest paying the extra dollars for FileMaker Advanced. Its development tools can save you a lot of frustration and wasted time and it has the ability to produce custom menus and stand alone runtimes. If you plan to distribute a freeware system like the one on this site, be sure to research the information found here on this site on what a runtime system can and cannot do.