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    Can FM pro open FM Pro Advanced?



      Can FM pro open FM Pro Advanced?


           Hoping to tap the collective wisdom of the forums.

           We currently are running FileMaker Pro 11 along with FileMaker Server.  We're thinking about upgrading to 13 in the near future and I can anticipate some cases where having FileMaker Pro Advanced would be beneficial for us. I don't think that the entire organization needs the benefits of the full Advanced - most of them are just users of data, not designers, etc.

           Is it possible, in a FileMaker server setup, to have a couple of DB Admins who create the databases in FileMaker Pro Advanced, using things like custom functions and menus, and for the remainder of our users to use FileMaker Pro to open and use these files?



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               FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced open exactly the same files. FileMaker Pro Advanced is of zero added value for users who will open established database files and use them without making design changes. Changes to the file that can only be made by advanced such as installing a custom menu or creating a custom function will still work as designed when the file is opened by FileMaker Pro users.