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Can FM10 and FM11 work with the same files?

Question asked by basilisk2 on Aug 5, 2010
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Can FM10 and FM11 work with the same files?


I will shortly have a mixed package of three FM licences, 2xFM10 and 1xFM11 (upgraded from FM10). The idea is to run one version of FM on a dedicated machine to allow the other two licence holders to use a FM Network to share the same file.

I would like to use the FM11 machine as my own for designing the database. If I do, but the files I am working on are served by an FM10 machine, does that mean I will not be able to use the enhanced features of FM11 when on my FM11 machine? I am thinking here of the Inspectors, graphing tools and so on.

Also, I understand the graphs will only work in FM11 - so if a FM file has a graph in it, does this mean an FM10 machine is prevented from opening the file, or just unable to use the layout containing the graphs? If the FM11-created graph-containing file is opened and served by an FM10 machine using FM networking, does this mean the graphs will only appear on the FM11 machine, or on no machines at all?

I'm a little confused and trying to save money. There will only be 2 users, and already I am having to get three licences (one per user, and one for the dedicated serving machine, which seems expensive to me. I am using a dedicated serving machine to prevent the need for me or my secretary to leave our machines on permanently running the file, which would be a security risk.