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    Can FM10 and FM11 work with the same files?



      Can FM10 and FM11 work with the same files?


      I will shortly have a mixed package of three FM licences, 2xFM10 and 1xFM11 (upgraded from FM10). The idea is to run one version of FM on a dedicated machine to allow the other two licence holders to use a FM Network to share the same file.

      I would like to use the FM11 machine as my own for designing the database. If I do, but the files I am working on are served by an FM10 machine, does that mean I will not be able to use the enhanced features of FM11 when on my FM11 machine? I am thinking here of the Inspectors, graphing tools and so on.

      Also, I understand the graphs will only work in FM11 - so if a FM file has a graph in it, does this mean an FM10 machine is prevented from opening the file, or just unable to use the layout containing the graphs? If the FM11-created graph-containing file is opened and served by an FM10 machine using FM networking, does this mean the graphs will only appear on the FM11 machine, or on no machines at all?

      I'm a little confused and trying to save money. There will only be 2 users, and already I am having to get three licences (one per user, and one for the dedicated serving machine, which seems expensive to me. I am using a dedicated serving machine to prevent the need for me or my secretary to leave our machines on permanently running the file, which would be a security risk.


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          I have filemaker 10 clients with files hosted by filemaker server 10. I use filemaker 11 advanced for development.

          I find I can use the enhanced development features (inspector, drilling down to scripts from the layout, better ways to find a layout...) and even charting on these files that are hosted by filemaker 10. I believe that's because those features are implemented on the client side.

          I expect you would find the same with filemaker Pro 10 as the host application.

          I've even figured a way to expose charts to the filemaker 10 users. They're static, but still have some reporting uses. I generate charts in filemaker 11 and then use a script to "save" the chart by copying and pasting the chart image into a container field. My filemaker 10 users can then see the charts in the container field.

          Of course if I work on a file that isn't shared, I have access to all filemaker 11 advanced features...

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            Wow! Thanks for the fast answer - I think it took me longer to ask than to get your reply!

            One question, are your FM10 clients and FM11 machines sharing the same file in day to day use on the same FM network? It sounded like you do your dev work on FM11 and then send the completed and finished file to work in an FM10 only environment, or am I mistaken?

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              It's a mix and match. Doing development work directly on a live database can be risky. I'll open the shared files with filemaker 11 and make certain small fixes like adjusting a script or updating a layout and when I do, I'll see exactly what I've described.

              Changes that involve restructuring tables, redefining fields or relationships are safer done "off line" and then deployed back up to the server.

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                In my environment we use FM 9, 10 and 11.  The file is hosted using FMP 9 and we connect to it via FileMaker Network sharing.  I'm the only one running 11 currently, which I use for development, and everything works fine for us.  Aside from the charts which provide limited functionality (I use web viewers with google charts) the only other important thing that I can do with 11 that the others can't is subsummary reports in browse mode.  I'm not sure if 10 can do this, but I know 9 can't.

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                  OK, it looks like I'll be able to work fine with the limited set of tools I have then. I'm getting the feeling that the fp7 files are a kind of mixture of data saved as text and stored preferences which control which bells and whistles are added on by the desktop app itself. Makes sense, and explains the small file sizes.

                  Thanks everyone for your replies! :D

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                    "I'm not sure if 10 can do this..."

                    For those reading this thread, filemaker 10 was the first version where you can see such reports in browse mode.