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Can fmp database reside on Mobileme iDisk?

Question asked by provi135 on Mar 12, 2009
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Can fmp database reside on Mobileme iDisk?


I have an iMac running 10.5.6 and FMP 9. I signed up for Apple MobileMe which offers a feature to load files to their iDisk server and also have a copy of the files on your computer. The iDisk service then syncs the data, backs it up and allows you to view it from any computer. I am sure most people know what it does. My question is this, can I put my fmp database in the iDisk directory on my computer and use it and have it backed up automatically to the iDisk or will having the fmp file on the iDisk on my computer cause the file to be corrupted. I ask this because I had my fmp database originally on a hard drive connected wirelessly and it was corrupted. I called FileMaker and they said the database must reside on the local computer. I suspect that my fmp file on the iDisk is OK but this is all of the data for my business and I add to it every day I want to be sure. Thanks for any help.