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    Can fmp database reside on Mobileme iDisk?



      Can fmp database reside on Mobileme iDisk?


      I have an iMac running 10.5.6 and FMP 9. I signed up for Apple MobileMe which offers a feature to load files to their iDisk server and also have a copy of the files on your computer. The iDisk service then syncs the data, backs it up and allows you to view it from any computer. I am sure most people know what it does. My question is this, can I put my fmp database in the iDisk directory on my computer and use it and have it backed up automatically to the iDisk or will having the fmp file on the iDisk on my computer cause the file to be corrupted. I ask this because I had my fmp database originally on a hard drive connected wirelessly and it was corrupted. I called FileMaker and they said the database must reside on the local computer. I suspect that my fmp file on the iDisk is OK but this is all of the data for my business and I add to it every day I want to be sure. Thanks for any help.

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          Yes, you can have a FileMaker Pro file on your iDisk drive.  The main criteria for a file on any server is that you have read/write access.


          This will allow you to work on a database file from any location.



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            Maybe you can help me understand a little more about this. According to apple, when I sync the iDisk with my computer it makes a copy of the iDisk on my computer so, with your response I feel comfortable putting my fmp database on the iDisk and working with it from my computer of the other computers in the office that "open remote" on use the database on my computer on iDisk. Now I am wondering based on your information you talked about a file on a server, so an fmp database can be on a server but not a hard drive hooked up to an airport? I that correct? As I mentioned I had my fmp database on a hard drive hooked up wireless and the file was corrupted after a few days of use.

            Thanks for you help with this. 

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              If other users are going to share the file, then definitely do not sync!  The reason for this is because you would be using a copy of the file; not the original.  Then, you can turn on Network sharing for the file and others can use it.


              Therefore, it is fine to keep the file on your iDisk.  You can launch FileMaker Pro and use the file.  With Network sharing on, others can then connect to the file through your computer.


              As long as the connection on airport is uninterrupted, there should be no problem using the file over airport.



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                What format does FMP data have to be in to upload it to mobileme?  I tried out of curiosity uploading a small FMP database as it is on my Mac but when the select box comes up all filemaker files are greyed out and cannot be slected.

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                  I've had mobile me for a few years and love my iDisk.  However, if I were you, I would not use it for my working version of the database unless I had a good back-up solution.  If you fail to close the database on your main computer and then make changes on another computer, you could have a sync error pop up forcing you to chose a version or keep duplicates.  That can get messy.  I think using the iDisk as the place to keep you back up copy is ideal, though.

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                    There is an issue that drives me nuts and I would love to hear the Filemaker folks comment on it.


                    I keep a contacts file on idisk and I keep the file open. Every time idisk syncs it returns an error message because the filemaker file is open. Most applications on the Macintosh do not leave files open so that you don't have this problem. Is there a way to turn off whatever live update feature filemaker has?  

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                      I would recommend against not using iDisk as a way to store your working copy of the FileMaker file.  For a backup file or a means to transport the FileMaker file, this should be fine, long as the file is not live.


                      The reason is because you do not want any other application such as iDisk synchronization to interfere with FileMaker during the time that FileMaker has the file open.  It can corrupt the FileMaker file if this occurs.