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Can FMP12 dynamically integrate with Contacts on the Mac

Question asked by CatrinEveritt on Feb 6, 2014
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Can FMP12 dynamically integrate with Contacts on the Mac


     I am working on a database which includes a table of Contacts and information related to those contacts that are stored in other (related) tables.  I would like the data (contact and other related data) to be included on my Contacts on my Mac and Mobile Devices.

     To put in context;

     The database is a tool for dog breeding and does/will include contact details for owners of dogs (i.e. phone, mobile, address, name, notes etc.) and details of the dogs they own (i.e. formal name, pet mane, breed, colour, DoB, notes. etc).  I would like to be able to display a set of those details on mobile devices in the Contacts application on Mavericks/IOS7.   I have already got the details into Contacts once (the hard way - using excel and importing) but they get out of date and I would like them to update dynamically from FMP12.  I already have the Contacts Template in use to display the data so that is not a problem.

     If it can't be done dynamically, is there a way to run regular imports from FMP12 to Contacts which would either add new records or reimport everything and I could then do a merge or whatever.