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    Can global variables be client specific?



      Can global variables be client specific?


      Can someone tell me whether there is a way global variables can be set specific only to the particular client?  In a multi-user database, I would like each client to establish personal settings that would only pertain to them as they use the dbase.  Other clients would set and use their owns settings, independent of others' (these settings control the results of various scripts; not the user's access priviledges).  I would need global variables for the settings to remain in effect while the client is on-line with the database.


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          Howdy Gary F.

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          !!! Poof! !!!  Your databse works like you want.  {that was easy...}


          The way you describe Globals is apparently exactly how globals were designed to work.  Each session has it's own global values not linked to other user sessions.  A number of us would actually prefer "global globals", but the session specific globals you want...well...you already have 'em.  Thank FMP.


          Please see more on previous posts on this board, this topic has been a recurring one.


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