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Can I "Slide up" in a text Calculation?

Question asked by DanaStites on Mar 22, 2011
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Can I "Slide up" in a text Calculation?


I have a calculation for a label that looks like this:

If ( Ship Dub 1 Network  >0 ; "LOGO"  & ¶ &
Program Info::NielsenProgramTitle & " " & EpNumber & ¶ &
EpisodeTitle & ¶ &
Fight Info & ¶ &
"Tape 1 of (insert)")

Problem is, sometimes EpisodeTitle field is blank.   If that is the case, I want to "slide up" everything underneath.   I know how to slide on a layout, but not in a calculation.  I looked at "Is Empty" but dont think that is what I want.   I also tried to add "If EpisodeTitle >0, but that wipes out everything below if empty.  Any suggestions?