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    Can I allow data entry but not editing?



      Can I allow data entry but not editing?


      I have a database which contains scheduling information where students sign up for work shifts.


      I want to make it so students can sign up for a shift but, once the record commits, the data can not be edited again.


      The reason for this is to prevent tampering.  For instance, I don't want students to be able to steal the good shift from others who have already signed up for them or I don't want students to sign up and then UN-sign their names when they decide that they don't want to come to work that day.


      I can make a field non-editable.  I can make a RECORD non-editable once created and committed.

      But, in this case, the record will be created BEFORE the students names are entered.



      The Office Manager will create a list of records in the DB for the shifts she needs to have covered that week.

      She'll create a series ofrecords for shifts

      [Mon@8AM-12PM, Tue@8AM-12PM... Fri@8AM-12PM]

      [Mon@1PM-5PM, Tue@1PM-5PM... Fri@1PM-5PM]


      Later, students enter their names into those records (slots) so that those shifts are covered.  The week before the pay period begins, the Office Manager prints out a report and distributes the schedule to all the students.


      We don't want students to be able to change their names once they have promised to cover a shift.  We don't want students who have promised to work Fri@1PM-5PM to take their names out if they find out their friends are having a party that weekend.  We don't want students who want to take an "easy" shift to be able to bump another student off the list and steal the good slots.


      How can we prevent these things from happening?


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          Howdy RandyS,


          If the record modification privileges were set to:




          wouldn't that do the job?  or do I misunderstand?

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            I'm assuming that you have the shift in one field and the student name in another.  Connect the student name field to the OnObjectEnter script trigger.  The field will open for editing (it is a post script trigger) but then a script will execute.  The script will determine if the field is empty or if a student has already signed up for that shift.  If the shift is free, the script will do nothing and the student can enter their name.  However, if the field is not empty aka someone already signed up for the shift then the script will close the record thus preventing the student from making changes.


            The script would be:

                  If(IsEmpty(field for the student assigned to shift)=0) 

                  Commit Record/Request

                  Custom Dialog ("You may not alter shift currently assigned")



            If the shift and the student working it are in the same field this idea will still work but the IF statement will be more complicated.


            Assigning script triggers:

            Right click on the field in layout mode

            choose "set script triggers"

            click the box next to OnObjectEnter and you list of script will appear

            Highlight the one we just created and click ok

            Click ok again

            The field should now contain a small red star in the corner, this means the trigger has been assigned.


            Let me know if you have any questions.

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              Excellent! Thank you! :)

              Will do!


              One final detail.

              Can we make it so an admin can alter the record?


              Do I simply add another condition to the IF statement like this?



              (or something like that?)

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                If the workers log in using one privilege set (with the record modification restriction), and the admin logs in using FullAccess, this is already a done deal.  Full Access does not have the IsEmpty restriction, only the workers, thus FullAccess can change whatever fileds they want.


                Just my opinion (and shared by quite a few others who've posted on this topic...though not this particular thread), but handling access and security through scripts is far less secure than using the accounts and privileges system inherent to FM.


                This situation should be handled through accounts&Privileges, not a script.

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                  Identical layouts


                  One for Data entry - admin users  all fields with allow field entry [on]

                  second for Read Only any user. All fields you wish to protect with allow field entry [off]


                  Hide all layouts from status area


                  navigate with scripts 


                  If Get(AccountName) = "Admin"

                  Go to Layout Edit


                  Go to Layout Read Only

                  end if



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                    You should know that is not really a secure solution... ;)

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                      If the default log on account is Guest and

                      You have to pass a log on test to get into a file. Where each user is assigned a

                      level of security, it is more secure then 3 user accounts of Admin, Edit , Read Only.

                      Editing is based on the users table and by the user who is currently logged on.


                      See Admin panel



                      I could go on about log on proceedures on how to superdeede FM native accounts , but that would give secrets.

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                           I totally agree with John.  Using a layout to restrict privileges just isn't secure and neither is developing one's own account and login process.
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                          LaRetta wrote:
                          ..........and neither is developing one's own account and login process.

                          Meaning accounts & privileges?  Or were you referring to something else?


                          I agree that nothing is "==secure", but is not the "account and login process" provided in FMP the current best practice since it is the most secure of the available options?


                          Perhaps I am misunderstanding your post...please feel free to explain.


                          Edit:  I re-read it and re-read it and finally 'got' the "one's own".  This would be as opposed to the process provided by FMP.  Sorry for being slow...I agree with you LaRetta.