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Can I Auto-complete a Drop-Down list using a Calculated field?

Question asked by brian.curran on Jul 11, 2012
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Can I Auto-complete a Drop-Down list using a Calculated field?


I've been struggling with this for hours now and have ended up really confused after trying so many different combinations of relationships and value lists. I really would like to use a DropDown list rather than a Pop-Up as I prefer the auto-complete method of data entry.

In an 'Employees' table, I have:
__kpEmployeeID (Number) Indexed, Auto-enter Serial, Can't Modify Auto
NameFirst (Text)
NameLast (Text)
_cNameFull (Calculation) NameFirst & " " & NameLast

I've created a Value List called "Employees", which takes its values 'From Field' (top option):
Use values from first field:

Also display values from second field:

Show values only from second field is ticked.

In a 'KeyDetails' table, I have:
ReceivedBy (DropDown)
Values from "Employees"

Up to this point, everything seems to work fine. I can choose an Employee from the dropdown list by either typing, using the arrow buttons or by mouse selection.

What I would like to do next is to overlay the Employees::_cNameFull over the top of the KeyDetails::Receivedby field so that the name is displayed rather than the __kpEmployeeID

If anyone could advise me on the relationship required between these two tables and if there are any errors with the above, I would be very grateful...