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Can I Avoid a Layout View Change?

Question asked by RodrigoPerez on Jun 15, 2012
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Can I Avoid a Layout View Change?


Hi!  i'm still working on my Projects database and have another question.

In the Projects layout there is a portal that shows the Tasks associated with that Project.  I have added a '+' and '-' button that allows the user to add a new Task to or to delete an existing Task from the Project.  When adding a new task, the user's view of the Project layout never changes.  The new task simply appears in the portal; however, when I'm deleting a task, the user's view switches to the Task table for the actual deletion of the record.  Is there a way to hide this part of the deletion process?

Here is my simple deletion script:

Delete Task Record Script

If [ Get ( ActivePortalRowNumber ) > 0 ]
Go to Related Record [ From table: “Task Table”; Using layout: “Task Table” (Task Table) ]
Set Selection [ Task Table::Task Description ]
Delete Record/Request
Go to Layout [ original layout ]

End If 

I added the Set Selection so that the user can see which record is about to be deleted, before responding to the confirmation dialogue.  Also, I have not enabled the option to allow for deletion of records in the portal as I want this handled by the button and not directly by the user.

Any assistance with how to hide the layout change would be very much appreciated!  Thanks in advance.