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Can I build regression models in Filemaker?

Question asked by MaartenLeewis on Mar 22, 2013
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Can I build regression models in Filemaker?


I'm not really sure where to post this question. This seems to be the best place, I hope I can get some feedback.

     I've been asked to set up a forecasting model for large contactcenter. Most of our competitors do this in excel. But with the amount of data in need to pull from our data warehouse it seems more logical to build it in a database environment. I need the calculating power of excel and the visual ease of Filemaker so my colleagues can use it too. I'm not sure if Filemaker is up for this task. And i do not have enough experience with FM to know this for sure.


     I need to be able to build different regression models similar to the way excel does this. I do not have much experience building different statistical models yet. Can Filemaker do this? 

     I can't find any info on this. Is it possible? Or is excel the better choice? My preference is towards Filemaker, but i need to know if it can do the calculations like excel.


     I'd love to hear you feedback or any other suggestions if you have them.