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Can I change the tab names for just that one record?

Question asked by marco96 on Sep 15, 2014
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Can I change the tab names for just that one record?


Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if there is a way to be able to change the name of a tab within a layout for just that one record.

In FM 10 I devised a workaround to make this possible. I created some text fields and made them clear and without boundaries and I placed them over the tabs and it worked. While creating the tabs all I had to do was make the first tabs name 1 space bar, and the second tab name 2 space bars and so on, so that the tabs had no names showing. So when I was in a record I can just click on the tab and type a name into the field and it looked like the tab had its own name.

When I converted my FM 10 file over two FM 13 the layout with my tabs doesn't work anymore. I can't click on the tabs anymore to bring them up. 

Is there another way to do this in FM 13 or does anybody know a workaround to achieve this.

Thanks for your help