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    Can I create labels from my data



      Can I create labels from my data


      Greetings all - I am the "Registrations Co-ordinator" for a Lions Convention, and have created a database relating to registration information (fields include NAME , ADDRESS , LIONS CLUB , PHONE , etc - but also include drop-down menu-boxes that identify what specific parts of the convention each person has paid for (e.g. meals, special function, etc). What I want to do is to create a label (slightly bigger than "business-card sized") that can go into one of those plastic holders that you pin onto your chest. I envisage that the label will use the fields NAME and CLUB, then will have a series of coloured squares along the bottom for each specific part of the Convention - and the word "YES" from the Drop-down menu-box will be put into the coloured squares for the specific events that the person has registered and paid for. My question is can I set up something on Filemaker to use existing information in the database to create these labels (and, if so, how) - or do I have to create each one manually.


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          Yes.  I have just created a quicky database to do nothing but print label.  I needed labels for boxes storing my 2013 payables.  I am using 2-up Avery labels.  Since I want a label on both sides of the box, I am treating each sheet as one record.   For my 2015 payables I need labels for each vendor.  I am using an Avery label that is 1"x4".

          Create a print layout, selecting label (vertical or such), then select your label in the dropdown.  Position merge fields (default) onto the provided label.  The layout is ONLY one label.  Each record will roll to the next label.

          FileMaker Pro has many of the labels built in.  Or you can create a custom label if you have all of the specs.  I have even created personalized plastic ID cards.  

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            You can also use a dedicated label printer such as the DYMO label printer for such output.