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Can I create labels from my data

Question asked by taylormade on Nov 27, 2014
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Can I create labels from my data


Greetings all - I am the "Registrations Co-ordinator" for a Lions Convention, and have created a database relating to registration information (fields include NAME , ADDRESS , LIONS CLUB , PHONE , etc - but also include drop-down menu-boxes that identify what specific parts of the convention each person has paid for (e.g. meals, special function, etc). What I want to do is to create a label (slightly bigger than "business-card sized") that can go into one of those plastic holders that you pin onto your chest. I envisage that the label will use the fields NAME and CLUB, then will have a series of coloured squares along the bottom for each specific part of the Convention - and the word "YES" from the Drop-down menu-box will be put into the coloured squares for the specific events that the person has registered and paid for. My question is can I set up something on Filemaker to use existing information in the database to create these labels (and, if so, how) - or do I have to create each one manually.