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Can I do this for a printing report?

Question asked by Dennisyang on May 16, 2011
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Can I do this for a printing report?


I really need help with this. I am working on a scheduling project and here is what I got. For each member we are assigning some work for them different day and different time.

For example: John have a schedule A from 8:00AM - 10:00AM.  On May 16 he need to work at 6th floor.  For May 17 he will have a schedule B 11AM - 12PM and he need to work on the 7th floor.

I need a print out with all the schedule and the work he is assigned to.


I got Name of the person on 1 layout with an ID. I got a schedule layout with the time and the ID.

I will need filemaker to generate me a report that can list the schedule of John like this


Hi  [John], 

Here is your schedule      

[May 16]: [Schedule A] from [8:00 - 10:00AM]

Location: [6th Floor]

[May 17]: [Schedule B] from [11-12PM]

Location: [7th floor]

[Date]: [Schedule] from [ time]


Thank you


How can I set it so that all the record related to John's schedule will appear ?

Content within [] should be from record