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Can I do this in FMP?

Question asked by FredKempf on Jul 17, 2014
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Can I do this in FMP?


     Hi folks,

     I'm a relative newbie to FMP.  I am using FMP 12 on a Mac, and I have a pretty good idea of what I am hoping to get from it, but I don't know how to get there, or if it's even possible.  My work involves the analysis of hundreds of legal documents per project.  I typically receive a "table of contents" (of sorts) from a contractor, in Excel, with each row containing descriptive information for one document.  I have figured out how to take the contents of that into a table in my FMP file, and have created 4 other tables with complementary information (client information, project information, etc.), all of which constitutes my database.  My goal is to use all of this information to help me create my final report to my clients.


     My reports to my clients are done in Word, and typically 50-150 pages long, including various exhibits.  Among the things I'd like to be able to do would be this:

     Select certain records in FMP (based on various criteria), and for each of those records, effectively populate a Word-friendly form or layout.  This needs to be effectively a "two step" kind of process.  The first step would be to get the data (properly formatted) from FMP, and  into a MS Word file, in a standard format.   As the second step, once I get this data Into Word, I'd then add text to the Word document to provide my client the details of my analysis. 

     So, for example, I'd like to run a search and "find" all of a certain type of document, say after a certain date or based on some other "flag" I'd put into the records.   For the complete set of found records, I'd like FMP to be able to output something that I could copy directly into word, such that each found record's information would be included in an individual "form".   So if my search found 30 records, the final output would contain 30 "carcasses" of my final report.  If each "analysis" or form took up about a half page, then I'd be adding about 15 pages to my Word file when I'd copy that single output into word, and then complete the analysis in Word for each of these 30 individual reports/records.  (Make sense?)

     Is this kind of thing possible in FMP12?  If so, can somebody point me in a direction where I might learn how?  If it's not, has anybody found something that lets them do something like this?  FYI, I also have MS Access, and could probably shift in that direction if I had to, but my sense is that FMP is likely a better overall platform (or am I wrong on that one too?)

     Any thoughts/help would be most appreciated.


     Thank you