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Can I do this kind of find?

Question asked by appt on Jul 31, 2013
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Can I do this kind of find?


     Students in the database can be categorised for maths in any of the following 4 conditions

     Highly Skilled 

     I can very easily set up a find to list students who are at any one of those levelsbut because they are not numbers I can't simply do a find for all those students at managing or below (ie studenents who are managing and students who are attempting all listed on one layout.)

     I have the find field set up as a pop up and want to be able to say something like

     if Globals::MathsAchievement = "Managing"
     perform a find for all students who are "Managing" OR "Attempting"

     The find equation box will not let me add a second condition using the same field and I only want one pop up menu.

     Any thoughts?