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    Can i get a "look up"  with a "drop down" function?



      Can i get a "look up"  with a "drop down" function?


      Okay, forgive me if this has already been posted. I had a look on the boards and couldn't find it. I'll do a more comprehensive search later.


      I've used Bento for the past year and a half; I was delighted with it, but now i need a bit more "depth" with my database and I've got the Filemaker Pro application to play around with. I'm a teacher who is planning on creating an electronic gradebook / teacher's chronicle. Now that the context of my situation is out of the way, I need help (for now) with the "look up" function.


      I've got three tables; a "students"; a "notes"; and a "teachers". 


      Let's say I want to enter a new record in the "notes" table. After entering the various data for the "note"; I want to link that "note" to a particular student. Now, because I've got many students with similar names, I'd like to just use the unique "student_id" I've assigned as a primary key in the "students" table. SO...in the table "notes" i've included a field related to "student_id". A one to one relationship. Sounds good, right? Okay, so NOW instead of just typing the "student_id" cause I won't remember it (unless she's a particularly troublesome student) I'd like to use a look up function to help find her.


      I'd really like to have....


      a) itunes like search, just start typing last name and then her name appears in a drop down menu and I click on it. THIS enters, not her student name, but her ID? OR even better, it shows her full name, but stores it as just her student_id!! cool, huh? But, perhaps, I've been too "bento-ified" and this can't be done relatively easily for a non-programmer


      can this sort of thing be done? Or something similar?



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          This type of idea was around a long time before Bento!


          1. Open your Notes Layout in Layout Mode.

          2. Click on the "student_id" field and choose Field/Control Setup (or double-click).

          3.  Change 'Display as Edit Box' to 'Drop-down List' OR 'Pop-up Menu'  (your choice).

          4. Click 'Display values from:' and choose 'Define Value Lists'.

          5. Click 'New'.

          6. Click 'Specify Field' button.

          7. 'Use values from first field' should be set to your Students table. Under that select your student_id field. Tick the box 'Also display values from second field'. Under that choose the student name field. Tick the box 'Show values only from second field'.

          8. Click OK OK OK OK


          Ummm, I think that's all !


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            One other thing.....


            If your Students table has separate First & Last name fields, then you might want to add a calculation field  called Full Name (or something more original) with First & " " & Last as the formula. You can then use this field as the second field in your value list.

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              thank you for your response. It answered my question NEARLY. I do like what you've shown me, but I do have one other question.


              assuming I have like 300 + students. Every time I click on the "student_id" field, will it show me a massive drop down box? Can I start to type a name and then like in itunes/bento the list is shortened to include only the names that have those characters? because I tried it with only 5 names and all the students appeared when I clicked on the field box, but when I started typing, it gave me a blank field.


              I saw a post about a "global search" earlier in this forum, but to be honest I didn't understand it. 







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                Thank you for your post.


                Yes, in your drop-down list, if you start typing the characters, the list will pop down to the first characters entered.  For example, assuming your list is in alphabetical order, if you type "S", the drop down list will highlight the first S entry.  If you typed "St", it will drop down to the first entry that begins with "St".  Does that make sense?



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