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Can i get a "look up"  with a "drop down" function?

Question asked by sully on Jan 9, 2009
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Can i get a "look up"  with a "drop down" function?


Okay, forgive me if this has already been posted. I had a look on the boards and couldn't find it. I'll do a more comprehensive search later.


I've used Bento for the past year and a half; I was delighted with it, but now i need a bit more "depth" with my database and I've got the Filemaker Pro application to play around with. I'm a teacher who is planning on creating an electronic gradebook / teacher's chronicle. Now that the context of my situation is out of the way, I need help (for now) with the "look up" function.


I've got three tables; a "students"; a "notes"; and a "teachers". 


Let's say I want to enter a new record in the "notes" table. After entering the various data for the "note"; I want to link that "note" to a particular student. Now, because I've got many students with similar names, I'd like to just use the unique "student_id" I've assigned as a primary key in the "students" table. the table "notes" i've included a field related to "student_id". A one to one relationship. Sounds good, right? Okay, so NOW instead of just typing the "student_id" cause I won't remember it (unless she's a particularly troublesome student) I'd like to use a look up function to help find her.


I'd really like to have....


a) itunes like search, just start typing last name and then her name appears in a drop down menu and I click on it. THIS enters, not her student name, but her ID? OR even better, it shows her full name, but stores it as just her student_id!! cool, huh? But, perhaps, I've been too "bento-ified" and this can't be done relatively easily for a non-programmer


can this sort of thing be done? Or something similar?