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    Can I highlight a record?



      Can I highlight a record?


           In the table Browse/table view, can I somehow highlight a record, so that when I pan across, I can keep track of what record I'm on?

           (I just switched from AppleWorks.  In Appleworks, all I had to do was click to the left of a record, and it highlighted it.)

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               In FileMaker 12, you have two methods that can be used to highlight a record if you are in List View. The first method also works in Table View if you have added the fields to the layout and not just to the view:

               1) Select a field in the body of your layout while in Layout Mode. Right click it and select conditional formatting. Enter this formula: $$RecordNumber = Get ( RecordNumber ). Select a fill color for the field to use as your Highlight color. While still in Layout Mode, select Layout Setup from the Layouts menu. Click the script triggers tab. Select the OnRecordLoad script trigger. Set it to perform this script:

               Set Variable [$$RecordNumber ; value: Get ( RecordNumber ) ]
               refresh window[ ]

               You can repeat these settings for all the fields in your row or, if in list mode, you can place a field or button object behind your row of fields and give it this conditional format. (You can select a group of objects on your layout and then right click to select conditional formatting in order to give them all the same conditional format.)

               2) In FileMaker 12, there's an option in Layout Setup that we usually have to disable to get layouts to look the way we want:

               Delineate fields on current record only.

               If you specify a highlight fill color for all your fields while in layout mode, (Not as conditional formats), the fill color will only be visible on the active record.

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                 Phil, thanks so much.  Don't have time to try it out now.  Once I do, I will re-post if I have more questions.

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                   Hi Phil,

                   I can't figure it out.  I am trying to use your method #2.  I have unchecked the box by: Delineate fields on current record only.  (actually that sounds like something I WOULD want checked  ???  but I trust you)

                   But I cannot figure out how to "specify a highlight fill color for all your fields."  I find nothing about that in any menus.

                   I am totally new to this program.  Could you walk me thru this?



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                     For method 2, you CHECK the box. This option often interferes with the desired effects that we want for a layout, but not to produce this desired result.

                     You don't specify a highlight fill color, you specify a fill color. This can be done in the Appearance tab or in the formatting tool bar (click the Aa button to show the formatting tool bar.) The Delineate option keeps the normal state fill color and border settings from being visible for any record except the current record.

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                       Still struggling.  Sorry I am so dense.

                       All I have accomplished is making the background light blue on the entire table: all records, all fields.

                       I went to Layout Mode; I selected all fields; I used the Inspector to make the fill color light blue.  I made sure the Delineate box was checked.  When I use the menu to return to Browse mode, it asks me do I want to save the layout change.  I say Yes.  When I am back in Browse/Table, the whole thing is light blue, and when I click in a cell in a record, that cell is outlined in dark blue, and the entire database (every record, every field) is still light blue.  So far, I have not been able to see any difference of having the Delineate box checked or not.  ??

                       I am merely trying to get it so only the record I am working in (by either clicking in a cell or by clicking the box to the left of the record) is highlighted, in every field.  (I am pretty much only interested in Browse/Table mode, but I assume that any changes have to be made in Layout mode.)


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                         What view are you in? List View or FormView? It sounds like you are in form view instead of list view.

                         To see a layout that demonstrates both method 1 and method 2 on the same layout. Download the following database. Click a button for reports and then click the List button to see a list view layout that uses both methods. The yellow "highlight" is a conditional format as described in "method 1". The funky gradient fill in a single field on the far right is made visible by the delineate option that I have kept selected for this one layout in my file.


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                           I just discovered that the behavior I want IS happening in Browse/List.  Only the record I am on is highlighted.

                           But in the Browse/Table view, all the records are highlighted all the time.

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                             messages crossed

                             I use only Table view

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                               Yes, the Delineate option won't work in Table View, but method 1 is an option that will work in Table View provided that the fields you want filled with a highlight color are all actually added to the layout. If you only use the Modify button to add the field to the view without adding it to the layout, you can't select the field while in layout mode in order to specify the needed conditional format.

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                                 I am foggy on what you mean about a field not being part of a layout, but let me fiddle with Method 2, and then if I have questions, I will holler.  Sorry to use so much of your time.

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                                   If a field is part of a layout, you will see it on the layout when you change to layout mode. If the field was only added by using the modify button while in Browse mode, the field will not be found on your layout when you enter layout mode. You can add fields to your layout while in Layout mode by doing a drag and drop form the field tool in the status tool bar.

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                                     I was able to get example 2 to work correctly, highlighting the active record in the Browse/List view.

                                     In trying example 1, I am not able to get a record to highlight in the Browse/Table view as reported, nor in the Browse/List view for that matter.


                                     Need some help,


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                                       See the list layout in the .fmp12 copy of this file. (you can click to it from the Reports layout or you can click find and if you get multiple records, they'll be displayed on the List layout. It demonstrates both methods. The light yellow highlight is due to conditional formatting. The status field's grey to blue gradient fill is visible only on the current record due to the delineate option being specified. (you can select a different current record without the selection changing to the Report layout if you click to the right of status or click the "book" control in the upper left part of the status tool bar.


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                                         Being a newbie to the program, and having found Phil's Option 2 to be more complicated than my old brain can handle, I just do this now:

                                         I find the record on the table, then click the box left of it.  Then I click the Form View icon at the top, where it says View As, do what I need to, then click back to Table View.  Now that I am in the habit, I think it is simpler than panning in Table view anyway; even if I DID have a highlight to assist me in Table view, I now think going to Form View would still be quicker.

                                         However, I would like to say thanks to Phil again anyway, for his very considerate advice.


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