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Can I import Account Names from a 'Live' file into an updated Clone?

Question asked by Sorbsbuster on Nov 16, 2009
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Can I import Account Names from a 'Live' file into an updated Clone?


 I have a small distribution of an FM10 file typically used peer-to-peer on Windows, but as its popularity grows it will doubtless be used with FM Server.  I have included via a script the ability for the 'Local DBA' to add their own User Names.  Meantime, I have been developing additional features in the original file, and will eventually distribute that update to each of the Local DBAs.  I want to avoid (at all costs) giving out a top-level access password that would allow someone else full access to all Accounts and Privileges, etc.  My thinking so far is that I can only distribute the updated Clone with the original basic set of Account Names and then expect each Local DBA to 1) remember, and 2) re-enter correctly, their customised list of local users.   The next-worst option I have is for me to visit all of the remote sites and note the custom list of users before I import their data, then I re-create the list of User Names again.  Is there a Design Function that would let me list all of the active Account Names?  That at least would be a help to data entry.


This strikes me as something that commercial developers must encounter all the time - when they release an updated version of their solution, how do they minimise the disruption to their clients by re-creating the client's Account Name list?


Most of the local networks are not on a Domain, so authentication via another server is not an option for me.


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