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Can I list all Global Variables?

Question asked by dzittin on Oct 11, 2011
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Can I list all Global Variables?


It would be kind of neat if I could list all global variables in scripts associated with a given file. After a lot of script creation I sometimes come across dregs I meant to delete, but forgot. Being able to list all G.V.s would help. I have come across a few G.V.s I mean to nuke, but they are still there cluttering up code. This would obviously lead to future maintenance hassles because I would have to search through dozens of scripts to see who else is using the GV. A list would be dynamite.

Since it is likely that FM is creating a "call tree" of scripts, it would be great if developer's could have FM produce a tree hierarchy. This would go a long way to helping the cleanup process too.

In the future, I will try to be more careful, but this is not easy in the heat of programming.

Any ideas how to clean up junk creep?