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Can I lookup data from a separate FM12 database.

Question asked by Boltonjohn on Jun 30, 2013
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Can I lookup data from a separate FM12 database.


     I have been using FMP 5 for years, and bought FMP12 recently because the old version was getting very cranky.  

     I spent a few hundred pounds worth of time trying to get to grips with the new system and have given up - I just want a version of a working system that used to do well on FMP5 without spending an enormous amount of time struggling to get to grips with an programme which is alien to me and which, as far as I can see has nothing to offer me that I did not have in the old program. 

     So, I have converted all the old databases to 12 (via 11 or whatever) but have lost all my lookup relationships on which the old system was based.

     I have tried specifying a field as a look-up field but cannot find any way to look up data on another database.  All that seems to be available is defining relationships with field in different tables within the same database.  I did try creating a new layout with the information for the dates file but when I tried to create a relationship the new layout does not appear as an option in the relationships box.

     Can anyone tell me how to look up and import data from another FM12 database? Also, a simple explanation of the difference between a table and a layout may clear some of the mist away.

     Any help would be greatly appreciated.