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    can I make a table through code?



      can I make a table through code?


      Dear Sirs:

      I wish develop an application in wich the user can create a table via code.

      Users of this new table, are teachers who put qualifications to their alumns.

      I attach an image explaining the idea.

      Please, help me.




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          Theoretically, you can, but it's pretty much impossible for the end user to do anything with such a table once they've created it. Import records in a script can use the new table option to create a new record, but it creates it with a new, generic layout that won't be very useful to you, the data can't be linked via relationships to any existing tables, and it will be difficult to craft scripts that reference the data in this new table also--though this last can be done.

          Generally, creating new tables on the fly isn't something you want to do in FileMaker. Instead, you use a field in the table to label groups of records so that a variety of tools can be used so that each user can access the data they need to work with, while keeping them from seeing data they are not authorized to see.

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            If I understand you correctly.  You want to give each teacher the flexibility to create a table reflecting the number of tests, assignments, etc for their specific course so the database can calculate the final grade.

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              Thank's for your answer.

              Director of career and teachers accords numbers of qualications and then, pushing the button it create the table in wich only the teacher puts the qualifications of the alumns.

              Teachers are not allowed for decide number of qualifications.

              Also, all teachers can evaluates their alumns with diferent number of qualifications and diferentes ponderations.


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                I don't think your solution of creating a table is practical.  I know it seems intuitive because creating a view like the one on your image is quite easy in excel, but it is not something that is easily done in a database. 

                So I'm trying to extract what your ultimate goal is from the description of your task so I can offer an alternative.  I suspect you are trying to do something similar to what I'm currently working on.  I was also about to ask for help here to see if I was going about it the right way.



                Entiendo que en tu imaginación la idea de crear una tabla por este método parece fácil ya que es la manera en se suele hacer en programas como excel.  Pero no es práctico en FM.  Si extraes tu meta de tu explicación original a lo mejor encontramos una solución.  Yo estoy trabajando en algo parecido y también necesito ayuda para saber si estoy creando una solución práctica.

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                  Than's Nerico:

                  This development is only for learn FM.

                  If all goes Ok, then I can offer it to some Educational Centers.

                  Thanks for your concern and trying to understand my bad English.


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                    No problem.  And your English is not that bad, I just wanted to make sure I was clear in my comment.  I will go ahead and make a new post for what I'm trying to do.  Good luck!