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    Can I make auto-filtering the default?



      Can I make auto-filtering the default?


           I have become hooked on an auto-enter formula that strips incoming data of all the things I don't want -- formats, extra returns, weird fonts, etc. It looks like this:

           TextFormatRemove ( Trim ( Substitute ( Self ; ["¶" ; ""];[" ";""] ) ) )

           I have become addicted to it and find myself using it for darn near every field. Is there a way I can make this a permanent attribute of new fields that I create?


           Rick A.
           Pleasanton CA

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               Not really, though if you specify in behavior that retun moves the focus to the next field you won't have any returns in your text to remove with the substitute function.

               With FileMaker advanced, you can define one such field and then copy and paste it in Manage | Database | Fields to add new fields with the same auto-enter calc.