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Can I run a script on two tables?

Question asked by AssistantDirector on Jul 5, 2013
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Can I run a script on two tables?


     At our library we track our book orders in a Filemaker table.

     Each year we create a new table for that year. Within each table we run a script to identify duplicates that meet certain criteria?

     Can I set up the tables so that when I run the duplicate script it will find duplicate books in the current year table and also  any duplicates  in the table  from the previous year.

     Note the fileds in the two tables are exactly the same. The script looks at multiple fields to determine if an order is a duplicate since the same title can be ordered for different locations.

     Also note: I inherited this database and although I like Filemaker I am an unsophisticated user. If you show me the path, i can figure out the details. Thanks in Advance.