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Can I suppress the "Delete" panel

Question asked by dzittin on Feb 7, 2013
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Can I suppress the "Delete" panel


     Background: To save disk space, I save (csv files) all records, then delete all records to reduce the runtime size so there is only one copy of the data. (Yes, I know this is cumbersome, but it has saved my tail more than once when it comes to updating runtimes.).

     So, the Q: somewhere in the FM machinery some logic kicks in when deletes take more than 'N' units of time causing a panel of the form:

     Title: Delete, busy bar, "Records remaining: [count]"

     Of course, this freaks out the naive user and I need to suppress this panel if possible. For grins I tried turning error messages off to see if this would work and as expected it does not.

     Can I suppress this message?

     Thanks IA.