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Can I switch between 2 or more very large valuelists?

Question asked by ianmanning on Apr 28, 2010


Can I switch between 2 or more very large valuelists?


I have 4 very large value lists (94000,31000,19000 & 11000 records) Each are products from a different manufacturer I currently have combined the 3 smaller lists into one very large value list and it is used to select products to add to an order line item via a portal. I use the list as a dropdown list with auto-complete. Combining the 3 smaller lists makes the access time for the drop down list just bearable (about 4-5 seconds) if I combine all the lists the access time is over 10 seconds . In order to add a product from the largest list the part numbers has to be typed in another (global) field ( without a value list) and and add button clicked. This avoids opening the value list and is also used to enter all products by our remote workers whose access times are in minutes if they try and use the value list.

Is there a way of using another field to select which value list will be used for the drop down list?

ie. a radio button to select list 1 or 2 then when I click the Product field (drop down list ) it will show only those items fro the selected list.

A conditional value list  using a relationship makes it even slower.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.