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Can I use Bento 2 Templates in FMPro 10 (On a Mac)

Question asked by bth8 on Jan 26, 2010
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Can I use Bento 2 Templates in FMPro 10 (On a Mac)


I bought Bento 2 when it first came out for my small business. (2 man operation - not huge)  It did not work as it was not up to more than 2000 contacts.... (I have about 6000) It was a known issue that it could not handle too much data. (Although the marketing hype suggested otherwise) Apple immediately refunded my money and let me keep the programe. (Yeah Apple). I then had to go out and buy FMPro10. ($$$$$$) I have been using it for a year now and find the Programe is so over the top of what I need, I've had to learn scripting and all sorts of things that would be better left to the developers and I still do not like the basic (almost crude) front end I have created in FMPro 10. I am so frustrated as Bento has such nice templates. Can I use them in FMPro 10  ?? 


Or will the new Bento 3  now handle more data?  I'm not sure I want to invest (Again) and have the same thing happen.


If FM can buld such an extensive programe as FMPro 10, why can't they just scale it back a bit They would have such a Big market. 


Suggestions please.