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Can I use Filemaker for this?

Question asked by SehejBindra on Jan 19, 2014
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Can I use Filemaker for this?


     Hi all! I'm very new to Filemaker and am looking for some guidance. 
     I need to build a product database for my business which is exporting handicraft home decor items. The number of products would be about 750-1000. I am planning to use Filemaker for making the entire product DB instead of taking the excel route. Apart from photos the DB will contain other certain details about each product such as an item no, dimensions,  weight, price etc. Pretty standard fare.
     However there are some criteria that I need for this system. 
     1. I will often need to generate an excel report of details of only a few specific item nos.
     For example let's say the buyer requests details for item no 16,23,43,55 and 67. After building the entire DB, can I just filter on the above item nos and export their data in an excel? Hopefully along with their picture as well? I've attached an example of the photo offer that we currently make in excel. Can this data be simply exported on demand in Filemaker?
     2. Same for invoice. i would like to also export the details for the above items in an invoice format that I define?