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    can I use filemaker pro 10 on mac server?



      can I use filemaker pro 10 on mac server?



      I currently run my database on filemaker pro 10 advanced (on a macbook pro). To solve issues such as 'save as pdf' and 'send mail' script compatibility problems with instant web publishing, I am considering getting the latest mac server (on a mac mini) and setting up a VPN. This hopefully will allow my 3 geographically diverse users to access the database as if on a LAN...

      2 things, i guess. Firstly - is this VPN idea a good one?

      Secondly, can I install my filemaker pro advanced 10 on the Mac Server?  Or is it just the FM server products that can run on Mac server?

      Many thanks


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          I'm not completely familiar with VPN, but other posts suggest you may not need VPN for this.

          On your second question, I frequently install Filemaker Pro on the same machine as server--I haven't tested that combo with web publishing, but since you aren't choosing to go that route your results should match mine.

          I find having FileMaker Pro installed on the Server Machine often makes it easier to perform repairs and updates on a database as I can use Server Admin to close the file and then Open it with Pro in order to modify the file's design in some way needed to correct a problem. I also have systems where an OS task scheduler use FileMaker Pro to open a "robot" filemaker file that connects to the server as a client in order to run a script that can't run as a server scheduled script.

          What I don't do, is allow a database user to sit in front of the machine and use FileMaker as another client for ordinary user type tasks...

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            Many thanks for your post.  I am now trying to make the network sharing work (open remote...) as this may well solve my dilemma, as i only have a maximum total of 4 simultaneous users.

            However I am having issues setting this up!  I have made another post about this with all the details!