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Can I use FileMaker Pro 11 to Push XML?

Question asked by fredmckinnon on Apr 30, 2012
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Can I use FileMaker Pro 11 to Push XML?


Hey Gang,

First, please pardon me if I'm not using the correct terminology.   We use FileMaker Pro v11.  

We work with a number of suppliers and marketplaces that require XML data feeds to receive information regarding products and inventory.

Is FileMaker Pro v11 capable of sending this data?
For example, we're trying to create a datafeed of our products that can be sent via XML to a marketplace that will create/insert the products (or on a smaller scale, updating qty and pricing).

Here's a few snippets from the integration guide:

" All XML based messages should be developed based on the schema files or XSDs (XML Schema Definitions). The schema files outline the format that order message from Newegg and each feed submitted from sellers. "

I am confident in RETRIEVING this info via XML into FileMaker, and manipulating the fields into a different layout, but what I don't know is whether or not FileMaker can push this back out to the marketplace.  We have teh full XML integration guide and definitions, so I can get an I.T. person who could do it, but wanted to know if FileMaker can do this?


For example, say that a few of the Element Definitions and corresponding XSDs are:


etc.   If I have a database w/ this info populated, can this be sent to the marketplace via XML from FileMaker?