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Can I use FM to Create This Dynamic Layout?

Question asked by SteveZeidel on Mar 22, 2011
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Can I use FM to Create This Dynamic Layout?


I am trying to create a layout with overlapping image conatiners and text fields. I have one container at the bottom of the layer stack for the layout's background image and fills the entire layout. I want to drop in a fancy bordered box onto the background, but I want the area of the box to expand based on the size of what is inside of it. I have attached a picture of an example of an example of what I mean showing 3 resizes.

I'm wondering if this type of dynamic layout can be created in Filemaker and how to go about it. I tried slicing up my border box into pieces and then apply sliding to them, but I am not able to get the result I want. I think I could manipluate the layout objects if I could set the fieldBounds via a script or calculation, but all I am finding in the funtion reference is that I am able to get the fieldBounds but not set them.

Any help would be appreciated.