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    can I....



      can I....


      I have crated a table that tracks hours i spend working for different clients. within it I have: Date, company name, project (ie admin, coverage, press reliese,) and hours spent. I would like to total up for the month for invoices. is it possible to total up admin, coverage and press releases and display them all on one layout? The list of projects is quite extensive as different clients have different needs.

      many thanks

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          You can define a single summary field to compute the total hours for all records in your current found set. You can then set up a list view layout and add a sub summary part "when sorted by Project". If you place the project field and the summary field in this sub summar part and sort your records by the project field, you'll group your records by project and the sub summary part will display a sub total for each.

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            I have tried that and got it to work when the layout is linked to the table "timesheet". Is it at all possible to make it work when the layout is linked to a different table? It's just that when i tried it, it stopped displaying the sorted data from the timesheet table.

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              Changing tables changes how the summary field evaluates. References to a summary field from a related table summarizes all records related to the current record in the new table--which has nothing to do with found sets and sort orders in your timesheet table.

              It might be possible to get what you want, but I can't say yes or no on that without knowing the relationship between the new table occurrence and an occurrence of your timesheet table and also the intended design of your report.

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                I have a table called timesheet that has fieds: date, client, project, time spent, and month(calculated from date). it is linked to a table called invoices by client. I wish to creat a new form layout conected to invoices that when i enter client and month it completes the rest. basical getting the total hours spent on each product and displaying it. I also want a grand total at the bottum that is in the invoice table.


                your help is appreciated



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                  Are all the time sheet records related to the same invoice record?

                  If so, keep the layout based on timesheets, but include fields as needed from the invoice table in your header, footer or grand summary layout parts.

                  Take a look at the invoices starter solution that comes with FileMaker to see an example of this. The LineItems table in this starter solution is being treated much like your timesheets table.

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                     i'll take a look, thanks.


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                      can I have a layout linked to table "Invoices", but sub soummery's linked to another table "timesheets"? I need the layout to be linked to invoices as i eventualy want to create another database called expenses and get results from that into the invoice.


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                        I don't follow what advantage you would have using a layout based on Invoices. The layout you use will have very little to do with what data is accessible from another database file as such links are directly from one table to another--not to a layout.

                        It's not possible to do what you describe, though with scripting you might be able to produce something similar--I don't recommend that approach, however, unless there is no practical alternative.

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                          I'm sorry if i'm being really thick here. my timesheet has date, company, project, hours spent, and rate, when i create an invoice I would be running a report for a certain company within a certain date range that is linked to the table timesheet. The trouble with this is that i need to have a discreate record of this saved for   my end of year taxes. And i also need to generate a unique invoice number.

                          I may have to look at the scripting method.

                          what would be the best approach here?

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                            First, take a look at this demo file created by Comment: http://fmforums.com/forum/showpost.php?post/309136/

                            Note how each list of items purchased (Same idea as your time entries table) is assigned to a specific invoice record with a unique invoice ID, but when you print an invoice, it is printed from a layout based on the line items table. Note how the script pulls up only those records associated witha specific invoice record.

                            I think that's the key thing you need here, but I could be wrong.

                            The trouble with this is that i need to have a discrete record of this saved for my end of year taxes.

                            I don't see the need for that. any time you need this info you can generate the needed report itemizing/summarizing your time worked and while the data is not in a single record, you get the needed single report with the needed totals for your tax computation needs.