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Can it be done - calculating players game time??

Question asked by tomo17 on Sep 12, 2011
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Can it be done - calculating players game time??


A friend has seen some of the things i have been doing with filemaker and has asked me about the following setup. to be honest it looked way over my head but intrigued me.  i am trying to get my head around whether it can be done or not.  any suggestions greatly appreciated.


Basically a calculator for individuals time on court during a quarter/game using timestamps. i am thinking that this can be done by creating a new record in a table for each player as they step on the court.  The time on court is calculated using a calculation field and then using summary fields i can get a running total for the game or quarter.  these are my questions:

- can i have the team list of players on a layout and have "on" "off" buttons next to each player to create a timestamp as they step on/off the court.

- is it possible for me to have on the same layout next to each player a field showing their total time on court?

- is there an alternative to creating a new record each time a player enters the game?

- can i have a trigger button to start/finish each playing period so that i can get a qtr by qtr breakdown?


Hope this makes sense