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Can Join fields be calculated fields?

Question asked by RCaauwe on Dec 4, 2009
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Can Join fields be calculated fields?


I have two tables joined (=) with a field called N_Number.  In the first table, This number is like this: 1234B.  The second table it looks like this: N1234B. make the number in the first table the same, I created a calculated field called Edited N_Number, with the calculation being "N"& N_Number. 


My join fields then are: Table 1 -  Edited N_Number, Table 2 - N Number.  I use this join to get the owners name from Table 2.


The thing that puzzles me is that in  most cases, it works.  However there are some cases where it does not obtain the owners name.

I can't see any difference between a successful join and one that fails.  There are not duplicate N Numbers in either Table 1 or Table 2.


Is using a calculated field causing the problem? Is there a better way to do this?