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Can not import Bento

Question asked by bigJ on Oct 4, 2010
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Can not import Bento


I just downloaded the FM11 trial to see if it will take care of some of the features I have been looking for in Bento.  When I try to import my Bento db, FM tells me I need to have Bento 2.0 or later installed- I do.  I even went so far as to download and install Bento 3 and it still gives me the same message.  I have also gone through and tried removing different files from the preferences folder, running Disk Utility countless times, and nothing seems to help.

After having no luck the past couple of days on the one computer I went and tried the exact thing on an identical iMac.  This time, as soon as I open FM and ask it to import from a Bento source, it immedialty crashes.

Can anyone help?