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    Can Not Quit FileMaker



      Can Not Quit FileMaker


      I have two users who are unable to quit filemaker after loging in. The quit filmaker option is grayed out.  One user can only quit from his department views but cannot quit from the home page. The other user can not quit from either view and must force quit. Would this be a scripting issue? I ran script debugger, selected quite filemaker but did not get an error code.


      Hope the question is not to rudimentary ... Im truning from user to admisistrator with are new database... im also loosing hair rapidly... Im starting to look alot like this guy> :smileysad:

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          Are there custom menus per user?

          What happens if they log in on another machine?

          Are there are scripts running at shut down with allow user abort [off]

             with a message that requires an answer?

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            Hi Robert,

            1) There are no custom menues.... at least if you mean from the general FM menue bar.  (there are no costom menus at all that i am aware of)


            2) Have not tried to have them log on at another machine.


            3) There are no scripts runing at shutdown which allow user to abort with a message that requires an answer