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    Can only sent limit amount of mail



      Can only sent limit amount of mail





           System: mac mini server 10.8.3 server


           After sending 4 email with a Filemaker Pro 11 script the smtp server refuses to sent the 5th (and more) email.


           The only thing I got from the smtp log is a simple disconnecting.



           Apr  6 15:00:19 server.___.eu postfix/smtpd[21947]: connect from server.___.eu[xxx.xx.xxx.xx]

           Apr  6 15:00:25 server.___.eu postfix/smtpd[21947]: disconnect from server.___.eu[xxx.xx.xxx.xx]


           Filemaker is only saying "cannot sent mail".


           After waiting 30 seconds or so I can again sent 4 emails.


           Somebody knows a solution?




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               Same thing is happening to me except I can get 5 sent before an error.


               FMPA 12.0v3

               Currently using TLS on port 587 to talk to an Exchange 2010 server.  All other SMPT options that I've tried fail completely.

               A server script in a database is supposed to send out 10 emails to different people.  Whether it's run by server or client, I get an error for any attempt beyond 5.  If I wait (~30s), I can send 5 more.
               It seems like there is a limit somewhere on how many email I can send.  Trying to hunt that down.