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Can records load in a portal and write out elsewhere, on an attribute change?

Question asked by Ooglethorpe on Jul 5, 2013


Can records load in a portal and write out elsewhere, on an attribute change?


     I manage thousands of web pages for an insurance company and what I want to do is this:

     Table A = Unique product line categories (ie. Home, Auto, Tenant, Condo, Agro, etc.) were I have stored URLs of all our web pages which relate to those categories.

     Table B = New projects opened yearly where the web page content located at Table A's URLs are reviewed, usually but not always changed and in some instances URLs are even needing to be deleted. Table B's project number is a numercial primary key.

     Table C = A history of ALL web page URLs that were either changed or deleted which contains a reference to Table B's project number (primary key) so that if I need to, I can check to see under what project number a URL was changed or deleted.

     I have this completely built and almost working, where I'm hung up on is this:

     When I create a new project in Table B, I have a drop down menu which indicates whether the project is for Home, Auto, Tenant, Condo, Agro, etc. and once a choice is made all the current URLs associated with that category (from Table A) are populated into a portal in Table B. Besides the URLs, I also load blank fields which allow me to later indicate whether the URLs were changed, deleted, on what date and what the new version number is.

     If a URL is to be deleted, I do not offer the ability to delete it from Table B's portal, you must go to Table A and delete it there.

     So now what I want to do is, ONLY if content on a web page located at one of the URLs was changed or deleted, I want to use Table B's portal to indicate that it was changed or deleted, on what day, and what the new version number is (if applicable, as it wouldn't be if it was deleted) and have that information written somewhere (presumably a Table C) which acts as a historical record of changes from year to year that I'm able to check against Table B's project number so that I'll always know when URLs were changed and what the new version number was at the time.

     So in a nutshell, Table A is acting as my unique collection of all CURRENT URLs, Table B records if and when any changes were made during its yearly review, then Table C keeps historical track from year to year of what ONLY was either changed or deleted.

     So the problem I am having is having portal row records (when attributes of those records change) write themselves into another Table where multiple records need to be created that are related by the primary key number to the Table the portal is in. 

     Know that I DO know how to have changed portal row records write themselves to another table based on the primary key of the Table housing the portal, but if I set the portal up to do that, then I can't get the originating URLs to load into the portal from Table A.

     It's like I need to have in my portal, one field from Table A and all the other fields which record whether it was changed and date and version number need to be in Table C. I have tried look up fields and calculations etc. but just can't get this to work.

     Any help is greatly appreciated.