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    Can retrieve data, but not save any data.



      Can retrieve data, but not save any data.




      Our company FIleMaker is hosted on the web (we save and retrieve student records.) I think it is the 2003 - 2007 versions?

      We have been using FileMaker without incident for the past several years:

      1 - What would be the most likely reason for FileMaker to suddenly stop saving data(has be working for past 3 year with no issue.)


      2 - What would be the first troubleshooting step I should take?

      can someone point me to a resourse that can explain and help rectify this issue?


      Any help will be greatly appreaciated.


      Thank You 


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          Given that you do not even know the version of FileMaker in use or the method selected for publishing it to the web, your best bet is to get a consultant who is familiar with web publishing to examine your database and web server to figure out what has changed.

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            Thanks for your response Phil, but I am a programmer. What I was looking for was something on the order of:  Since you are able to retrieve data it is apparent that their is a proper connection to the database. In this case, in FileMaker (any version) you should take a look at the [blank and blank] in FIleMaker (my thinking is that there is a specific FileMaker file path or a SQL command of some kind that might should be the focus here.)


            Not really interested in someone holding hands with, that is why I also requested any help resources that someone could point me to.


            Thanks again for your help.


            Any other technical FileMaker specific ideas that can be put forward to help point me in the right direction?

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              If you do not supply technical info about your system it's difficult to suggest much.

              What method is being used to publish the database to the web? Instant web publishing with FileMaker Pro?, Instant Web Publishing with FileMaker server advanced? Custom web publishing?

              What version of FileMaker Pro or Server is being used to host the database?

              What behavior do you see that leads you to the conclusion that data is not being saved? Do you get any error messages? Have you checked the logs for error messages?

              Have there been any updates or other changes made to your server or software at about the time you got this change in behavior?

              Best wild guess would be that if you are using FileMaker Pro to host the database to the web, the permissions on the server have been changed to deny write access to the FileMaker file or the folder that contains it. This is just a guess though...

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                 Thanks for your tenacity Phil.

                I'm back a t work and got a chance to take a more thourough look at the FM system being used here;

                1 - The original system was FM 9 (thay have since changed to FM11) (could this update have caused any problems?)

                However, the FM DB is being deployed on the web (Instant Web Publishing) Here is the format:

                - FLEX4 Was used to create a Survey form (this is where i think the problem is.)

                - This form is suppost to pass data to FM (this is not happening.)

                Troubleshooting steps: the FM DB

                - When I enter and save information directly into FM vis the Instant Web Publishing interface, FM save and retrieve the data without any issue. This is why I think the issue is with FLEX.

                Here is the FLEX code that is suppose to point to FM (located in the data/result.xml file);

                http://v70jrn01.companynamewasherecom/fmi/xml/FMPDSORESULT.xml?-db=Evaluations&-lay=form&Form Used=C&Student Name=&Employee ID=&ClassDate=03/30/2010&CourseTitle=Toyota Quality eLearning&CourseNo=162552&Instructor=&Instructor 2=&Instructor Division=&Instructor Division2=&Question 1=3&Question 2=3&Question 3=3&Question 4=3&Question 5=2&Question 6=3&Kaizen Comment=test%20progress&-new

                1 -  I don't have FLEX4 to recerate this form, is there another software or GUI product to create FM forms?
                2 - Can you spot anything that might be causing an issue?
                3 - Is there another way I can test forms on FM (maybe through the URL perhaps) to see if FM will accept external data input?

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                  If you are using instant web publishing, you may not need any third party application to create the form. FileMaker can publish the filemaker forms--with certain key limiations--directly to the web.

                  What you describe sounds more like custom web publishing than instant web publishing and it does sound like there's a communications breakdown between whatever Flex4 is and your database. Unfortunately, I have never heard of a product called FLEX4 so there's not much more that I can suggest here. You'll need to find someone that undestands this product and how it is set to interact with Filemaker.

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                     Ok Phil,

                    After digging around further in FM Instant Web Publishing here's what I discovered;

                    I don't think we need FLEX4 form it is a SWF soon to be outdated software.

                    I would prefer to create a similar survey form using FileMaker or some dedicated FIleMaker tool.


                    1 - Is there a FileMaker or related tool that can create simple feedback surveys, the Level 1 kind that track satisfaction ratings 1-5?

                    2 - Can something like Dreamweaver be utilized for this task?

                    3 - Is there a resource that contain pre-existing survey templates that can be modified?

                    4 - Other options you can recommend.



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                      As I have previously posted here. FileMaker with Instant Web Publishing can publish your Filemaker layouts as web pages so that users can access the database with their web browsers. No added tool is needed for that. This should be sufficient for deploying a simple on line survey.

                      You may want to download the Instant Web Publishing guide from the download link given above or open it from the FileMaker help menu if you have a current copy of Filemaker available to learn more about this option.