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Can Script B interrupt Script A?

Question asked by vfoecke on Oct 21, 2013
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Can Script B interrupt Script A?


     Let's say I have a script A (triggered when a user clicks a button)  that takes some time to finish running (10 - 20 seconds).

     Is it possible for another script B (triggered by a different button) to "interrupt" script A?

     I have only found that it is possible if script A is currently paused at a Pause Script command.

     Is there any OTHER point where a script might be interrupted (such as when script A opens or closes a window, loads a record, commits a record, etc.)

     I ask because my user (who happens to be very fast on the touch screen monitor) is reporting some strange behaviors that I can only "suspect" could be caused by some script possibly interrupting another.  He reports that he sometimes gets left on a layout that script B NEVER visits.  I'm trying to prove or disprove a thought that maybe script A was previously left "dangling" after being interrupted.  It's quite rare and I can't reproduce it, but I have watched it happen.  I'm just grasping for a possible direction to steer my troubleshooting.