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    Can someone help me to my project ?



      Can someone help me to my project ?


      Can someone teach/help me for this please.

      If I have an Existing Record of the Company (Example Corporation) and I want to make a New Contact for that company. It will copy the company name from the other table. *My english is so bad sad*


      • Company ( Example Corporation )
                   -- Mr. John Mark Osborne 

                   -- Mr. Aida Osborne

      • 2nd Company ( Example Corporation 2 )

                   -- Mr. Mark Agsalud

                   -- Mr. Bryan Laine

                   -- Ms. Nicole Alexandria

      My Tables:

      • COMPANY

      • CONTACTS


      Something like this:

      1. If I press the New Contact in that Company Layout.

      2. It will go to this layout but it has the same company details already.

      3. And if I press the Save Button. It will make a new record/contacts under that company name.

      4. Then after that, It will also appear on this field. I don't know If I use a Portal Row in here. (arrow)


      I want to make a contacts under the companies.

      Please help me because it's been already 3 days after I start this project and until now I get confused to this.

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          Based on the sample names in your database, you seemed to have the excellent training materials by JMO.  He also has a website where he answers questions about his training material. 

          Many people will be glad to help, but If you've only been using FM for 3 days, these are more advanced, but easy concepts and it's probably recommended you continue with the training material as it will easily answer these questions. 

          It's also harder to answer this question without knowing how your tables and relationships are set up, and some of the field definitions.

          Maybe posting your database could encourage more help.

          You have a Company Table and a Contact Table.  Where does the Projects table fit in?