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Can someone help me to my project ?

Question asked by NikkoBaudelaire on Jan 20, 2015
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Can someone help me to my project ?


Can someone teach/help me for this please.

If I have an Existing Record of the Company (Example Corporation) and I want to make a New Contact for that company. It will copy the company name from the other table. *My english is so bad sad*


• Company ( Example Corporation )
             -- Mr. John Mark Osborne 

             -- Mr. Aida Osborne

• 2nd Company ( Example Corporation 2 )

             -- Mr. Mark Agsalud

             -- Mr. Bryan Laine

             -- Ms. Nicole Alexandria

My Tables:




Something like this:

1. If I press the New Contact in that Company Layout.

2. It will go to this layout but it has the same company details already.

3. And if I press the Save Button. It will make a new record/contacts under that company name.

4. Then after that, It will also appear on this field. I don't know If I use a Portal Row in here. (arrow)


I want to make a contacts under the companies.

Please help me because it's been already 3 days after I start this project and until now I get confused to this.