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    Can someone help me with a simple question about the Contacts starter solution?



      Can someone help me with a simple question about the Contacts starter solution?


      I'm new to FileMaker and I'm trying to understand the inner workings of the Contacts starter solution. I have most of it figured out, but I'm stuck on the map that's displayed on the Desktop/Contact Details layout.

      At the top of the right column there are two buttons that switch the map between work address and personal address. Where the heck is the code/trigger/script that gets executed when either of the buttons are clicked?

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          Each version of FileMaker comes with different starter solutions. I must assume that you have opened a FileMaker 13 starter solution.

          The near total lack of any documentation in these solutions is frustrating and a highly unprofessional thing to release as an example file for developers to learn from. (The design of each starter solution that I've looked at is pretty good and taught me a few new tricks, but I would never ever release something so devoid of documentation.)

          The map section on the right is actually an invisible slide control with two panels. There are actually 4 buttons not 2. You see two buttons at a time, two on one slide control panel and two on the other. The dark grey buttons are "do nothing" buttons. The Light grey buttons perform a "go to object" script step to select the other panel and then switch you back and forth between the home and work address panels. The "code" for the maps is build into the web viewer found in each panel.

          This code uses a custom function "get map" that you will not be able to use in your own solutions unless you have acquired FileMaker Advanced.

          PS. On a windows system, this part of the layout could have been set up far more simply with the use of a tab control where the buttons are simply the two tab labels. The only difference you get from the slide control is that mac users will see a horizontal "slide animation" when the button clicks change you from one panel to the other.

          PS. don't feel bad. I've got over 10 years experience, have messed with the starter solutions enough to know that invisible slide controls are used in a number of them and it still took a number trial and error experiments and watching the script execute in Filemaker Advanced's script debugger before I was able to reverse engineer all of the above details.

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            I do have the FM 13 solution and I also have FM Pro Advanced. And I've made a little progress, thanks to your comment! I was able to get to the Slide Control Setup fly-out, but there isn't really much there. I assume that in Windows, clicking on the "do nothing" button simply simulates a slide gesture?

            As I mentioned, I started with the Contacts solution and it's still in my new solution, in tact and unmodified, so I have something that works. I then created my own table (Property) and populated it with test data. I also cloned the two desktop layouts, now called Property and Property Details, and replaced the Contact fields with those from my Property table. I've made everything on both layouts work except the map - it just won't display at all. If this was an Access project, I'd suspect that the map object's Hidden property was set to True, but I don't see a way to do that in FileMaker. I noticed that on the Contact Details layout, a blank address causes the map to disappear, so I suspect that might be my problem but I've looked everywhere I can think of and my modified layout LOOKS correct. Any ideas?

            P.S. My Property table has only one address, so no need for the slider control (I hope!)