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Can someone please help the newb, jsut cant get it to work???

Question asked by Stuee on Jan 29, 2011
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Can someone please help the newb, jsut cant get it to work???



Im new to FMP and trying to set up a system for when i start doing market stalls to track orders etc.

I have attached the DB what i have done if someone could assist and fix up what i need to do so i can see it when i open it.

The file what i have done upto now

What im trying to do.

I want the Main page to show orders with how its laid out with ability to change order status.

What i want to do.

When i get a new order i goto orders and click new.
I put in the order details and it uses the data like item code and price from stock list.
I also add the customer details which then auto adds it to the customer list, i would like on the customer list page a button to show all customer orders and history.

I would like when i choose the stock item on the orders page it auto shows in a box next to the input qty box that shows the stock qty left and when i input the stock for the job it subtracts it from the stock left.

I also want a box at the bottom of the orders page to show the total for all 4 orders.

I hope it makes sense and ive managed to do a couple of things but not them all.

Thank you very much to anyone who helps, ive almost pulled my hair out and bald.Cry