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Can stand alone applications access a central database?

Question asked by Jay1 on Mar 10, 2010
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Can stand alone applications access a central database?


I have the requirement that I need to setup a database that can be accessed by multiple clients at remote sites. I need the clients to be able to run custom C++ code in order to do some client-side advanced image processing before they upload their data to the central server (e.g.., FileMaker Server). Therefore, the web publishing feature of FileMaker Pro cannot be used in my case because of the requirement that the clients need to do some processing using C++. Originally, I was going to develop a client side application from scratch but then I learned of the client-side runtime option available in FileMaker Pro.


Using FileMaker Pro Advanced, can I develop client side applications capable of accessing a central FileMaker Server?


Most descriptions of the client side runtime seem to indicate that the runtimes themselves are standalone self-contained database applications (e.g.., like Address Book for Mac). I could not find any information as to whether or not these standalone applications could be developed such that they could access remote databases (e.g.., SQL Server, FileMaker Server, MySQL, etc.) as is possible with the web publishing feature.


Thank you for your time.