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Can Tab Panels contain records from different tables?

Question asked by DrBev on Feb 1, 2015
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Can Tab Panels contain records from different tables?


I just discovered that FileMaker Pro 12 has something called "Tabbed Panels" as a layout tool. I can't make it to work the way I want, either because I'm misunderstanding the function of what this tool does, or because I'm doing something wrong.

The story behind my database is this: I need to keep track of a 3-year grant in which different DEPARTMENTS invite different CONTRIBUTORS to write PAPERS and present at various EVENTS. Each department can invite contributors to write papers and present them at events. Each department will have multiple events. A paper can only be single-authored. My screenshot of my relationship tables show, I have 6 tables, each with a different number of records.

I want to display CONTRIBUTORS, PAPERS, EVENTS, and DEPARTMENTS in a tabbed panel (with four tabs) for easy data entry and thought the Tab Panels layout tool can do this. The old way would be to create one layout for each of the items (i.e., one layout for CONTRIBUTOR, one for PAPERS, one for EVENTS, etc.).

How do I use Tabbed panels to do this? Since the Tabbed panels, as far as I can tell, can only exist on one layout (and one layout is only associated to one table), how do I get a Tabbed panel to display records from different tables?

I am imagining that each tab can be associated with one table (just like a layout can only be associated with one table).

Thank you for your help!