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    can the field size adjust automatically?



      can the field size adjust automatically?


      I was wondering if there is a way to format a field to resize automatically when you type in and have the field stay that size. As it is now, the field is what ever size i make it but if I type more than the size of the field I have to click into it to show everything.

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          No, you can't have the field expand the way you want.  You can achieve what you want when you print the record - you can have the print slide up (and across) to remove dead space.  So you could have data entry into a field with a scroll bar, and then print from a dedicated print layout.

          If the amount of data is small, but it's just that the filed is even smaller, a useful compromise sometimes is to have the field's tooltip display all the data when you mouse-over.

          I know they are not exactly what you asked for; they are compromises that sometimes ease the problem in particular circumstances.