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Can this be accomplished in Filemaker Pro?

Question asked by MyronYousman on Dec 30, 2009
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Can this be accomplished in Filemaker Pro?


Hi folks.  I'm considering buying Filemaker Pro.  I'm an experienced Access developer.  I know the two products are very different, but since I like using my Mac, and need to develop some personal databases, I'm willing to learn Filemaker's way of doing things.


Here's my question: suppose i have a table of songs, and a table of practice dates, where the relationship is one to many.  i.e., one song, many practice dates.  


my goal is to be able to pull up a list of songs i have not practiced for 2 weeks.   I.e., where the difference between today's date, and the maximum of the practice dates for a song, is greater than 14.  


final result would be a list of several songs that have not been practiced for 2 weeks (or more.)


could this be stored as a report that i could run daily to get dynamic results?  i.e., if i practice a song on monday, and enter that record, it would not appear again until two mondays later.  similarly, new songs would crop up daily as the time between practices hit 14.


thanks for any input.